The Atlantic Festival

Visit Seattle

Visit Seattle has a mission to share the best of its city with adventure-seeking culture enthusiasts. But how they would cut through the noise of a festival to connect with these “advenculturalists”?

ADVOC8 had the answer:
%%Build it, and they will come.%%

At The Atlantic Festival in D.C.'s waterfront neighborhood, our team designed a book-filled, booth oasis that offered guests a temporary escape to Seattle. Bringing the magic of a great story to life, we crafted faux books that opened up to reveal shadow boxes with classic Seattle landscapes and QR codes linking back to Visit Seattle's hub of information.

Souvenirs? We thought of that too. A selfie photo booth invited book lovers to snap their best shot, and take the memory home with them as a personalized photo bookmark.




Books gifted


QR scans

Leading up to the festival, we designed three "book nooks” based on excerpts from each of the books below:

  • The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown
  • I Can Make This Promise by Christine Day
  • The Magical Language of Others by E.J. Koh

These life size-creations featured real and printed props related to the book’s theme, both inside and outside of the diorama. But that’s not all, each nook hosted a free library that allowed visitors to take home a piece of the Emerald City in the form of Seattle-based books.

Placed strategically in high traffic areas with cultural significance, %%the book nooks generated anticipation and excitement%% leading up to Visit Seattle’s festival presence.

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